Schwaar Real Estate also offers you extensive advice concerning home construction, renovations and alterations. We naturally remain at your service for detailed information.



The purchase or sale of a property is a matter of trust. We will address your personal circumstances and offer a tailor-made solution for every property. In doing so, we will support you personally in every phase of your property venture and also ensure that the legal aspects of your transaction proceed smoothly.



The value of your property and the income it yields can only be optimised and increased in the long term if the right tenancy agreement exists, suitable tenants can be found and a win-win situation eventuates. We offer you the professional letting and re-letting of residential properties, the professional leasing and re-leasing of commercial properties as well as property marketing, the screening of prospective tenants, the preparation of tenancy and lease agreements, plus property hand-overs.


Property search request

Are you still searching for your ideal property? We will help you to find the property of your dreams and then assist you with comprehensive advice during subsequent negotiations, the completion of your purchase and the arrangement of financing. Having Schwaar Real Estate as your partner will enable you to achieve your objective without any wasted time and with your nerves spared.


Valuations & advice

The value of a property is as individual as its owners and will depend on a host of different factors. We will value your property using our unique "WUPNET" software; this is provided by the international consultancy W├╝est and Partner who are active in the property and construction market as well as in urban and site development.

Would you like to know the current value of your property? We will also be pleased to advise you on other aspects relating to your property. Simply call us!